MAR test

One of the most often tricky questions at a reception. What is it? I decided to add a fresh sip of smart science to the content. Well, how is it science? So, dry medical calculations in simple, human language.

Friends often tell me, they say, keep it simple and avoid burnout. They don’t believe that I have balls of steel and Well, okay …

In our body there is such a nice immunity, designed to protect us from any intervention from the outside, which, for some reason, according to the majority of educated people, needs to be constantly supported, fenced off and protected We need to protect immunity so that it would protect us … Hmm ..Such a recursion.
To put it simply, he does it by recognizing “friend or foe” and if he does not recognize his own, he attacks godlessly. By means of all sorts of t-killers, these are lymphocytes … Well, not the point.

And also, this cunning immunity produces special large proteins – immunoglobulins, which stick around all evil spirits and do not allow this muck to do its heinous business – to bring you death.

Recently I had the dubious happiness to talk to d-doctors and listen to a lot of derambs about omegas, vitamins, and other antioxidants. So, I almost believed that fish oil (omega) somehow mythically raises and strengthens the immune system.

I have been trying for a long time to find out with what such strong witchcraft this very fat teaches natural killers to recognize someone else’s, i.e. to plant specific receptors on immune cells, but did not receive a clear response, because only a malicious alien antigen can do this. And I realized that I just need to repent to me, the wicked, and believe in this cosmic heresy. Along the way, however, it is also necessary to support the liver by removing toxins. Where to? Apparently, right in Moscow.

It was a lyrical digression, if cho.
You will be surprised, but our immunity does not see spermatozoa! Male testicles have a kind of barrier that protects sperm from their own immunity.
Can you imagine? But sometimes, for some reason, this barrier is violated (injuries, infections, even hell knows what HEH) and the immune system, seeing sperm, thinks that the body was attacked by foreign cells. Here it would be just right to suppress it, but we are strengthening it!
Having fallenomorphized a little from such a meeting, the immune system begins to synthesize specific immunoglobulins that stick around the sperm and deprive them of their romantic oh! dating a female egg! So, the MAR test shows how much (in percentage) the sperm are carried by these same proteins. Zhivik can be quite fast, active, but because of the load on himself, he cannot fertilize an egg. Normally, up to 40% of these can be in the ejaculate. Less is more, though. The increased MAR test is extremely difficult to treat, therefore it is a direct indication for IVF.

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